Vision and Mission

Sustainable development is one of the world’s greatest challenges and a strategic national goal for China.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) are determined to make a contribution to this global effort through the establishment of a Joint School of Sustainable Development (JSSD). The School will be located in Xi’an at the center of the fast-emerging, north western region – a region rich in fossil energy, raw materials and renewable energy sources, but with serious environmental concerns.

HKUST and XJTU are both internationally known for their research and educational programs, especially in the areas of the natural, social sciences and engineering. The Joint School will combine these strengths to deliver a forward-looking undergraduate and postgraduate education and undertake high-impact research contributing to national and global goals for energy saving, conserving and managing natural resources and the development of systems and infrastructure to support a sustainable, high-quality living environment for generations to come.

  1. To further develop the complementary strengths of the two universities to become a world-leader in education and research for sustainable development, particularly in the areas of energy, materials, and social and physical infrastructure

  2. To pioneer forward-looking educational programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for scientists, engineers, public officials and entrepreneurs, equipping graduates to analyze, formulate and handle technical challenges, while appreciating the societal and ethical dimensions of public policy issues

  3. To be a recognized source of knowledge and solutions for national and global challenges in sustainable development through cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research

  4. To provide a national and global platform for joint industry, academic, and government collaboration to support technological and commercial innovation for the sustainable development of China and beyond.

Academic Organization, Mission and Focus

A strategy for sustainable development must recognize the highly interdependent, interactive nature of ecosystems. The School will therefore emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration across three core departments: Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Materials; and Sustainable Systems. These are three deeply interdependent areas of academic work critical to realizing sustainable development. The Joint School’s focus on these three areas also reflects both the challenges and potential for the region and the academic strengths of the two founding universities.