Sustainable development is one of the world’s greatest challenges and a strategic national goal for China.  XJTU and HKUST are determined to make contribution to this global effort through the establishment of the Joint School of Sustainable Development (JSSD) to offer broad interdisciplinary programs to provide professional training for graduates to fill the growing demand for environmentally related positions in multi-national corporations, government and other non-governmental organizations. The undergraduate program will also enable graduates to pursue further studies, including study in the postgraduate programs in JSSD.

JSSD fosters cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, utilizing knowledge and expertise from the natural sciences, engineering sciences and technologies, social sciences and humanities, as well as business and management. JSSD emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration across its three core departments: Department of Sustainable Energy; Department of Sustainable Materials; and Department of Sustainable Systems. These are three deeply interdependent areas of academic work critical to realizing sustainable development.

JSSD offers broad interdisciplinary programs leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in each of the three departments (Pending approval).  The following programs requirements as described are only provisional.

UG Programs
PG Programs