XJTU-HKUST Joint School of Sustainable Development (JSSD) strives to establish cutting-edge R&D teams for academic research and technological innovation through nurturing top-class research personnel, engineers, management executives and entrepreneurs.

JSSD will undertake research on fundamental issues for sustainable development, applied technologies and public policy with the objective of producing significant and meaningful original research.

Through establishment of Central Facilities and establishment of units/centers for scientific researches, JSSD aims to provide the platform for innovation and synergy among various sectors including government, industry, and educational institutions.

Applications and execution of research projects of JSSD will follow the rules of project management in the place where the projects are located.  JSSD shall draw up management plans for research projects, foreign cooperation, transformation of research achievements, and transfer of projects between XJTU and HKUST will be approved by the Joint Steering Committee of JSSD.