Department of Sustainable Energy


To provide academic programs in energy production, conversion, efficiency, distribution and storage, and for renewable and innovative energy frameworks, and to undertake cutting-edge research in energy-science and technologies to support sustainable development.

Academic Focus
  1. Fundamentals of energy sciences and technologies for sustainability
    Develop scientific and quantitative tools to address energy production, conversion, storage and transport processes, with a focus on efficiency, life-cycle, economics and overall societal impact.
  2. Fossil energy
    Investigate the more efficient use of fossil fuels as energy sources, including fuel conversion, coal gasification, carbon capture and storage, and combined cycles, with a focus on reducing environmental impact.
  3. Renewable energy
    Investigate the scientific characteristics and state-of-the-art technologies for renewable energy production and conversion, hybrid and system technologies, and the nexus between renewable energy and other natural resources.
  4. Energy distribution and consumption
    Address the efficiency of energy distribution systems matching production with consumption for both electrical and non-electrical energy, integrating a wide range of techniques including sensors, information, and system optimization.