Department of Sustainable Materials


To provide a broad-based education in materials science and materials development for sustainability, targeting the frontiers of materials science, and to undertake cutting-edge research in materials sustainability.

Academic Focus
  1. Fundamentals of materials science and engineering for sustainability
    Build a solid knowledge of materials science and engineering for processing, fabrication and characterization of materials with desirable properties and sustainability.
  2. Sustainable adoption of materials 
    Develop a fundamental understanding of widely used infrastructural and industrial materials and conduct research to reduce life-cycle carbon emission through the reduction of embodied energy, enhancement of durability and the imparting of environmentally-friendly features.
  3. Design of new materials
    Develop new materials through structural design based on naturally abundant elements for materials with high efficiency, multi-function, durability and sustainable properties.
  4. Application of sustainable materials
    Utilize innovative technologies using sustainable materials for industrial and civil engineering applications in energy conversion, environmental degradation, thermal/radiation/surface protection, and system integration.