Department of Sustainable Systems


To provide an education and research platform to study interrelationships among economic and urban development, governance, and regional, national and global ecosystem, focusing on the social and physical infrastructure needed for sustainability.

Academic Focus
  1. System analysis and related infrastructural issues
    Lay the quantitative foundation needed for regional, national and international systems for sustainable development utilizing tools for systems analysis, decision making, demographic and population dynamics, urban development and biodiversity and conservation.
  2. Public policy and sustainable development
    Address issues related to environmental economics, law, regulation, and governance for sustainable development, as well as socio-economic structures, business-government relations, and national energy and resource policy.
  3. Climate dynamics and environmental policy
    Examine climate change and related environmental issues including the political economy of global resources, global norms, and related rules and laws.
  4. Sustainable living environments
    Study urban and regional development for a sustainable environment, including transportation infrastructure, air and water quality, waste management, and heritage and cultural preservation with Chinese characteristics.
  5. Commerce and ecosystem management
    Conduct environmental impact and risk assessments, global energy and materials acquisition, transportation and logistics, life-cycle costs, and other important issues to aid public policy development and decision making.